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Cleaning up with Barclaycard on the day that London’s transport system went contactless


We’ve been hard at it again with Barclaycard helping them rule in the media with the announcement that the London Transport Network has gone contactless.

Sometimes – most of the time – we are firm believers that a decent read on what the media’s going to be looking for from a story will win the day.

So in this case, the announcement that Barclaycard is to offer 10,000 of its awesome bPay bands to Londoners, some cracking photography of Barclaycard’s many contactless payment options in action and some hard media slog was always going to win the day.

And so it was to prove.

Our shots were used across the media, getting share of shout in general news by simply illustrating the story with branded imagery. The Evening Standard, a cracker on The Guardian, AolMSN, LBC … you name it and we were there with the picture of the day.

Then our bPay band pitching led to some absolute belters with stand out pieces with the Daily Mail (we couldn’t have written this one better ourselves), the Daily Telegraph, ITV, The Guardian,  PocketLint, Engadget, Gizmodo, TechRadar,

Another day, another haul of great coverage for another of our clients. Dusted.

Four rather harmonious singers and a patty cake backing track have hit the viral big time …

This has hit 3.3 million views now. Probably with some good reason …

A remarkable thing happened in the world of Hope&Glory … this one you couldn’t make up

Autographer - Lake Windermere - copy

The most extraordinary thing has happened to Hope&Glory client and automatic camera brand Autographer.

There they were, setting up a camera to capture a timelapse of the changing of the seasons in Lake Windermere. The camera’s fantastic for that sort of thing – it’s got a phenomenal battery life and it takes great shots over a long period.

So far, so good.

But then, taking a look at the pictures the following day and something mysterious had appeared on the shots.

Looking closely (as one of Autographer’s resident snappers Ellie did) and we all spotted an unidentified something rising from the mists in one of the morning’s pictures.

You too might spot, there in the background, the shadowy form of what appears to be a Loch Ness Monster.

Could it be that Nessy herself is making her feelings about the referendum known? Could it have been prankster locals playing a trick on the Autographer team? Could it be the lake’s own resident monster from pre-historic time has made a sudden appearance?

Who knows.

But it was a story too good to miss.

Thankfully the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Metro, Daily Star and HuffPo all agreed.

The the whole thing went a bit mad. It became the number one trend on Facebook somehow – topping GTA – and the third most read story on Mail Online and hit the top five at the Daily Star.

What’s more the story made the front page of the Daily Star and a half page in the Daily Mail, which rather put the icing on the cake of what has been a top class day.

A certain mobile phone brand managed to jump on recent announcements with a social win taken into editorial

Fun and games with HTC last night as a certain rival announced a handset that owes much to the brand when it comes to design and styling.

Coverage for these cheeky little messages was secured across the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror alongside a whole host of the consumer tech sites – Shiny Shiny, NDTV, TechRadar and even AdAge rather liked the cheeky approach to announcements yesterday …

Quick and dirty idea, neatly guided into some lovely (if more than slightly simple) editorial coverage.

The Power of Optics demonstrated in a cute campaign by Japanese lens business

Ever since Honda’s “cog” adland has loved a Rube Goldberg Machine. Often with mixed results. However this one, also from Japan, is a lovely iteration on the theme …

Blow us down, there’s been something of a slew of awards shortlists in the land of Hope&Glory this week

Untitled-1 copy

Even after all this time, we still find it somehow reassuring and no less exciting and flattering to find ourselves on an awards shortlist.

So to find ourselves on no fewer than eighteen shortlists is just a trifle overwhelming.

Anyway, now that we’ve picked ourselves up from the floor and generally calmed down a bit, we thought we had best share the news – which comes on the back of five shortlisted entries at PR Week.

So it’s with considerable pride that we have been shortlisted for eight awards at the 2014 Fresh Awards, with O2 (for freshest sponsorship and for social media campaign), The Royal Mint (for freshest consumer campaign, public sector and media relations) and Big Bang (for freshest consumer, public sector and not-for-profit).

A cracking achievement from all the teams involved in that little lot.

If that wasn’t enough we heard on Monday that we’ve made our debut in the Corporate Engagement Awards. Our O2 UpCycled campaign has been nominated a phenomenal five times.

We’re up for best environmental programme, best alignment of brand values during a CSR programme (snappy that one!), best PR and external communications, best execution and most innovative short term programme.

Suffice to say we are very proud of the teams and the brilliant clients that back our work with their time, confidence and their money.

The HTC team has been getting their #phonies out for Transfer Deadline Day


You may be dimly aware of our #phonies campaign for the lovely folk at HTC.

Well, having established that they were top class media fodder and looking to keep the ball rolling (sorry, poor pun), we thought that we’d bring them out to play on Transfer Day, with some dream moves created (and a couple of rather accurate predictions, as it transpired).

Cracking coverage for our quick and dirty news generation effort with METRO, The Sun, Daily Mail and HuffPo amongst others getting on board with the fun and (beautiful) games.

read more…

We always knew that IKEA was a pretty amazing client … but seriously, time travelling furnishings?

We never expected them to manage that …

read more…

The Hope&Glory team finally gets around to fulfilling on the Ice Bucket Challenge

We were kindly (ahem) nominated by the lovely people at Unity. Took a while for us to get ourselves together but we finally completed the challenge. In slow motion for reasons unfathomable …

IKEA launches a mini movie to mark the launch of its latest, greatest catalogue …

The arrival of a new IKEA catalogue is a thing of much excitement, wonder and general celebration. Hence this rather cute film-ette to mark the occasion …

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