The team has been working on a partnership between Trainline and Missing People to do some good in the world
29th November 2023

The team has been working on a partnership between Trainline and Missing People to do some good in the world

Rarely does an opportunity arise to bring two clients together in aid of such a worthy cause.

Based on the insight that many people use the rail network to go missing, and that millions of people use the network each day, the initiative recently launched between Trainline and leading charity Missing People has the potential to be truly impactful.

About six months or so ago we did a creative session with Missing People who were kind enough to set us a brief for one of our all-agency creative away-days (where we get to put some new creative tools to the test and generally get away from our desks as a team).

As a result of that – and the commitment of one of our creative directors to the cause – we came up with a partnership that we thought could have a genuine impact.

Bring Missing People together with Trainline resulted in an initiative that brings geo-targeted alerts for missing people onto the Trainline app.

So, for example, if you’re travelling in an area where someone has recently been reported missing, you will be served an image of that person and information on what to do if you think you’ve seen them in the app.

We worked with Missing People and Trainline to create the campaign which was launched with a rather beautiful film (though we do say so ourselves) and media which included OOH and digital work, alongside PR and social.

The results spoke for themselves, with the team securing the BBC, the Daily Mail, 10 broadcast hits and a range of other nationals totalling 266 pieces of coverage all-in. Fantastic work for a really important cause.

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