Just in time for LFW the team helped Airbnb launch a night hosted by fash-pack favourites House of Sunny
23rd September 2023

Just in time for LFW the team helped Airbnb launch a night hosted by fash-pack favourites House of Sunny

Over the years we’ve worked on some pretty special campaigns with the team at Airbnb.

We’ve set up nights that marked Coronation Street’s thirtieth anniversary and celebrate Winnie-the-Pooh’s birthday (to appeal to families), promoted stays in Dracula’s Castle and the Paris Catacombs (some spot-on seasonal activation) and most recently opened Barbie’s Dream House – this time hosted by Ken.

The approach is simple: bring to life the fact that there are more unique properties on Airbnb than you will find anywhere else, stay utterly culturally relevant and always, always have a core audience in mind for each activation.

Which is why, when we wanted a campaign that would reach a younger audience in the midst of Fashion Week hype, we worked with the Airbnb team to turn the House of Sunny studios into a truly spectacular over-night stay.

Working with Sunny and the team, the rooms are an homage to the label’s design sensibilities and are – as you’d expect – as social-media friendly as it’s possible to get. With a host of influencer events, KOL walk-throughs and some hard-working media relations to make sure that all the right people were talking about the partnership we scored a clean-sweep of the lifestyle media.

There were stand-out pieces across Glamour, Stylist, ELLE, METRO, Hypebae, Bricks, The Latch, Concrete Playground, Remix, Vogue Italia and La Vie as coverage rolled in across the key titles around the world. Couple that with social media reach into the millions and we’d say it was a clean sweep.

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