Team Barclays talks international trade to take a media story into the back of the net, results-wise
10th October 2014

Team Barclays talks international trade to take a media story into the back of the net, results-wise

As many will know, we do quite a lot of work with the good people at Barclays.

Working across their retail banking, small and medium business banking and corporate banking teams, we’re well and truly rounded when it comes to the stuff we do with the team over there.

However, what we really like doing from time-to-time is taking the approach more associated with one bit of their banking world to a different part of the business. It keeps things fresh and it makes sure that we’re helping them to reach audiences across the board.

So it was that, for the corporate banking team, we came up with the idea of helping to promote their international trade team with a cute little story that capitalised on the ins and outs of the football transfer window.

We worked with the lovely people at Opinium and those at TransferMkt.com to come up with the first ever “Football Balance of Trade”.

Looking at the world’s major leagues, we worked out the value of imports and exports club-by-club. So if a player of any nationality left Manchester Utd for Real Madrid it would be an English export and Spanish import – just so you get the picture.

The release of the data hit the media stunningly (with a lot of blood and sweat from the team making sure that it flew).

Coverage came across the BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph – amongst over 75 pieces of coverage of the report across the world.

Neat work altogether from the combined H&G and Lansons teams that worked on this one.

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