We’ve been helping the London Coffee Festival make national news to help them set the agenda ahead of the big event …
28th March 2017

We’ve been helping the London Coffee Festival make national news to help them set the agenda ahead of the big event …

In the run up to London Coffee Festival and UK Coffee Week, the team has been busy setting the news agenda to take coffee beyond the listings and lifestyle press and into the news pages.

Presented with a mammoth report into the UK coffee industry, we set about mining some eye-catching stories through a bit of lateral thinking and news copy writing expertise. Ultimately landing on two cracking nuggets of news to take to the press.

Our first story focused on the value of the UK industry, revealing that three new stores opened in the UK every day last year and the industry is now worth a whopping £8.9bn. Needless to say such a positive news story struck a chord with news teams, garnering a spread of print and online coverage with the likes of The I, The Sun, Daily Express, Daily MailThe Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Retail Times, and The Daily Telegraph.

Not content with just one success story though, the second one proved a corker too.

Calculating the number of baristas per coffee shop currently, we were able to estimate the number we would need in the coming years to sustain the UK’s love of lattes. Ultimately finding that the nation will need at least 40,000 baristas in the next five years! All neatly tied into the Coffee Masters competition that would showcase 20 of the world’s best as inspiration at this year’s London Coffee Festival.

In light of Article 50 being triggered, this story delivered with aplomb, securing mentions for festival in The Times, Daily Express, Evening Standard, Buzzfeed, and Retail Times to name but a few.

Next up, the big events themselves!

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