A day in which the H&G team learnt to love the power of the Brussels Sprout
27th November 2013

A day in which the H&G team learnt to love the power of the Brussels Sprout

You want a Christmas-related science story to promote the Big Bang UK Young Scientist and Engineering Fair.

Pretty obvious response … you create a Sprout-power Christmas tree, don’t you?

Which has been occupying some of the team here at Hope&Glory over the past couple of weeks. The result of some extensive testing, some work with the lovely people at DesignWorks and some serious media selling during the day has been that our “launch” of the world’s first Sprout tree – the vegetables power the lights on the tree – has done pretty well across the media.

So far, national coverage includes a spot on DayBreak (awesome!) and pieces on (or in) Daily Mail, Daily Star, The People, Daily TelegraphITV news, METRO, Yahoo, TreeHugger, Gizmodo, AOL, MSN, Inhabitat and … happy days from a shareability perspective … PSFK and Mashable.

Here it is in action …

The team has been working on a partnership between Trainline and Missing People to do some good in the world
The CALM team has been working on a campaign that argues that no signal for help should go unheard
The Pride in London team has been busy this month getting ready for Europe’s biggest event, which this year focused on allyship
The IKEA team has been working on one of those campaigns that you feel proud to have come up with and then to have been a part of

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