Roblox offers jobs for the future as part of an in-metaverse Career Centre
24th September 2023

Roblox offers jobs for the future as part of an in-metaverse Career Centre

Roblox has created its own in-metaverse Career Centre, an immersive 3D experience touted as a “new way to experience recruiting”.

The space – which looks suspiciously like the HQ of every evil Silicon Valley corporation that Hollywood has ever committed to celluloid, complete with a podcast lounge and library – can be freely explored and allows gamers to find out more information about the company itself from learning about its innovative product roadmap and listening to stories from current employees, to hearing from one of the co-founders and even getting help to prepare for an interview at the company.

While the space is designed to support prospective candidates as they participate in the interview process at Roblox – including providing access to a curated list of reading materials that will give them an overview of the company’s history, philosophy and approach to interviewing, so nothing comes as a surprise – interviews are not currently taking place within the online experience.

Apparently there are plans for that to change soon.

Helping to circumnavigate the issues found with traditional recruitment – including only being able to reach a limited number of people in person and candidates being affected by geographic location – the Roblox Career Centre is designed to get prospective applicants from across the world. It’s also a one-stop shop that delivers on Roblox’s role as a hub for human connections, communication and interactivity.

And if you want to grow your talent pool in future, where better to pull from than the legions of engaged gamers who grew up playing your product? 

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