Playlab created a Louvre-inspired skatepark for Vans designed for the “Louvre” of it
14th July 2023

Playlab created a Louvre-inspired skatepark for Vans designed for the “Louvre” of it

Anyone who’s ever played a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game will be familiar with how it makes you look at the world with fresh eyes. Suddenly, that box becomes an object to be tricked over, and that railing becomes an obstacle to conquer with a slide.

And if their latest creation is anything to go by, we bet the good people at PlayLab Inc have played many of Tony Hawk’s games in their time.

Partnering with legendary skate brand Vans during Paris Fashion Week and taking design cues from one of the most iconic buildings in the City of Love, the LA Studio worked with construction company California Skateparks to build a temporary skatepark in the French capital inspired by the Louvre.

Located right alongside the River Seine (that’s one way of guaranteeing a soft landing if a trick goes awry…), the pop-up featured several classic elements found in skateparks the world over, from ramps to quarter pipes, all crafted from clear plexiglass (resembling the Louvre’s instantly-recognisable glass pyramid structure, as well as nodding to the acrylic skate ramps that were a mainstay in the 1970s) and Vans’ distinctive checkerboard pattern.

While the installation was dismantled after Paris Fashion Week, parts live on at the Cosanostra Skatepark in Paris’ eastern suburbs. So, what are you waiting for?

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