Old masters help singletons master the art of dating in quirky Tinder marketing campaign
24th September 2023

Old masters help singletons master the art of dating in quirky Tinder marketing campaign

To help singles meet their match, Tinder offered a lateral take on how best to master the art of profile building, illustrated by newly mocked-up profiles of some of the world’s most famous portraits.

From da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, each uniquely designed to encourage singles to invest time in the art of dating, the campaign turned to the old masters to show how to create a work of art in the digital world.

With research that ran alongside the visuals revealing that painting a picture with words is the best way to bag a date, tips and tricks such as optimum profile bio length (15 to 45 words in case you’re interested), cutting out lousy grammar and offering personality insights aimed to give singletons a leg up in finding the perfect match.

It’s a rather splendid example of creating a pretty basic piece of research-based news and then giving it a cheeky twist with some strong visuals that are almost but not entirely unrelated to the campaign but at least give the media something to write about.

It also struck us as notable that the brand has selected Old Masters as the canvas (sorry) for the campaign, suggesting perhaps a shift towards a degree more sophistication for the brand.

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