EA’s addition of its first hijab-wearing player is a welcome step and an easy goal for the game
24th September 2023

EA’s addition of its first hijab-wearing player is a welcome step and an easy goal for the game

In EA’s own words, “if it’s in the game, it’s in the game,” and that is truer than ever thanks to the addition of Morocco’s Nouhaila Benzina to FIFA23, the first player in a FIFA game to wear a hijab.

As her Moroccan team became fan favourites at the 2023 World Cup, Benzina made headlines by becoming the first player to wear a hijab at a senior women’s international tournament.

EA has a track record of using its online platform to create headlines that support the brand as a whole – from including Ted Lasso’s Richmond FC in the title as a playable team to being hi-jacked by Burger King who rewarded streamers who used their sponsored team – Stevenage FC – and taking them to (virtual) European glory.

In a World Cup credited for inspiring a new generation of women and girls to play the beautiful game, this is an impactful show of support to those who wear a hijab: those who choose can see their reality represented on the virtual playing field.

It’s an open goal for EA to show their support and become part of the on-going conversation about the rise of women’s football. 

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