What better way to get people talking about Monster Hunter: World, than to ask the world … to hunt … for monsters?
31st January 2018

What better way to get people talking about Monster Hunter: World, than to ask the world … to hunt … for monsters?

Well, you can’t ask anyone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself, so in addition to launching a hugely successful BBQ shack in London (find more about that here), we also travelled slightly further afield (Devon in fact) in the hunt for coverage.

In possibly the most bizarre thing we’ve ever done, we took a load of media and YouTuber Arrekz to meet with legendary cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes of the CFZ and find out how to be a monster hunter in real life, as well as to help search for the “Devon Devil” – a big cat that had been rumoured to be lurking in the area.

After a couple of days investigating, we found it!

Well, one of its victims anyway; we discovered a sheep skeleton which turned out to be the victim of a big cat.

Following our expedition, we announced a six month campaign asking people from around the world for help in our hunt for monsters, posting a £50,000 reward for evidence of any of the ten weirdest and most famous ones, and then hosted a radio day with Jon so he could discuss the findings and the cash.

Needless to say, once we had packaged the story up with our discovery and sent to media far and wide, it did pretty well …

… the results were as ridiculous as the story – over 200 pieces of coverage across the globe including 10 UK nationals and 17 hits on broadcast, as well as thousands of social posts.

And the game went on to smash its sales record after three days, topping the UK retail chart in the process – nice.

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