We’ve been working out when a Quarter Life Crisis is most likely to strike – and how LinkedIn can help people get over it when it does
15th November 2017

We’ve been working out when a Quarter Life Crisis is most likely to strike – and how LinkedIn can help people get over it when it does

We’ve been working with the lovely people at LinkedIn of late.

Challenged to come up with a cunning plan to launch their Careers Advice platform – where people can get informal advice from those older and wiser within their networks, helping to build their careers – we got to pondering when someone might want advice.

Then, we started to wonder in turn what the “enemy” could be that LinkedIn’s new platform could be tilting at.

And we came up with the Quarter Life Crisis. That sense in your mid or late-20s (or indeed early 30s) that all is not well. It’s a time when people often bail out of their job (or career), split with a partner, hit the road and go travelling … as well as feeling a sense of general disquiet.

That’d be a good time to get some advice from someone who has been there and done that.

Which is why we worked with LinkedIn to work out when a Quarter Life Crisis might hit, what the causes might be, how to spot the signs and how to overcome the challenges that it presents.

A quick spot of research later and we were off.

Coverage has landed today across all the major national titles we were after. From Independent to Evening Standard, from the Daily Express to the Daily Mail (twice) and from Huffington Post to METRO. Spot on. Then we saw a bag of coverage from the lifestyle titles including ELLE, JoeThriveMen’s HealthStylistRefinery29, ShortList, Harpers (UK as well as the Dutch edition), Women’s Health, as well as business titles including Elite, Inc. (twice), NYPost, TechCrunch and Business Insider.

Splendid results for our first campaign with our new clients … Here’s to more to come!

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