The Royal Mint makes it a New Years news day to remember with 2014 coins unveiling
1st January 2014

The Royal Mint makes it a New Years news day to remember with 2014 coins unveiling

The Royal Mint team has been hard at it again rounding off a cracking year for coverage with the unveiling of the coins that will grace pockets everywhere in 2014.

For the first time, we agreed with the Mint team that we would give the nation a taste of the coins coming their way at the start of the year …

A £2 commemorating the outbreak of the First World War, a 50p marking the Commonwealth Games, pound coins baring floral representations of Northern Ireland and Scotland are amongst the coins we showed for the first time.

So some perfect preparation pre-Christmas to make sure that the hard media work was done ahead of time – along with some serious New Years Eve pitching and flogging from the team – saw the story clean up across pretty much every outlet available …

The Sun ran an exclusive feature across the hallowed editorial page while coverage today includes the Guardian, The Times, Daily Telegraph (twice with the online piece), the Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Star.

Then there’s ITV News, the BBC, Channel 4 and around 150 others from across the web – including MSN, Yahoo!, HuffPo. The works, in other words.

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