The BETHESDA team helped DOOM Eternal rip and tear its way to a franchise record for opening weekend sales
2nd April 2020

The BETHESDA team helped DOOM Eternal rip and tear its way to a franchise record for opening weekend sales

We knew media would happily take a leap of faith into Hell and fight off a demonic crusade armed with just a chainsaw if it meant getting their hands on the eagerly awaited game following the incredibly positive response to our preview event earlier this year.

We seeded 100 review codes to a range of national, consumer tech and lifestyle media, alongside a host of the UK’s most influential content creators, who were chomping at the bit to become the DOOM Slayer on a one-man mission to rid planet Earth of its demon invasion.

The team placed exclusive features in leading titles, conducted a series of interviews with the game’s developers and seeded key content creators with a special Collector’s Edition of DOOM Eternal to create unboxing content.

Once the embargo lifted, over 120 pieces of coverage appeared as DOOM Eternal quickly earned a reputation as a potential Game of the Year contender, a near-perfect first person shooter, and one of the best sequels in entertainment history.

Media were blown away like a demon on the receiving end of the Slayer’s Super Shotgun, with the Guardian, Daily Star, Daily Mirror, TechRadar, Stuff, Digital Spy and EMPIRE among those to award DOOM Eternal with 5/5 stars, meaning the game launched to amazing critical acclaim and an incredible Metacritic score.

Meanwhile, YouTubers such as JackSepticEye, JackFrags and MyNameIsByf simply couldn’t wait to share the game with their audience.

The end result?

DOOM Eternal achieved double the launch revenue of DOOM, 2016’s Game of the Year, on its opening weekend.

You’re welcome, Planet Earth!

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