Team adidas has been encouraging the nation to “buddy up” and get involved with our latest work out series …
2nd June 2016

Team adidas has been encouraging the nation to “buddy up” and get involved with our latest work out series …

The adidas Women team has been at it again, working with the cream of the fitness community to make a series of professionally created workouts to show off their latest ranges of women’s fitness apparel and Pure Boost X training and running shoes.

This time we’ve buddied up, quite literally, to make a series of films that encourage viewers to grab a buddy and take on training challenges that are better done in twos. Having observed that users of the adidas Facebook page often tag a friend on previous films, we thought we’d give folk work out moves that they could do together.

Graduating upwards in terms of their difficulty, they offer a whole host of opportunities to have fun and get fitter together.

Of course, the films were accompanied by a series of supporting content pieces for adidas’ owned channels, as well as going out on the channels of those involved in the films themselves – hence Tally Rye and Adrienne and, in a second series, Faya (aka Fitness On Toast) and Charlotte Holmes shared their involvement with their communities to create both reach and engagement.

Fun times altogether.

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