IKEA celebrates the #joyofstorage by bringing the nation’s biggest collectors together under one roof
31st January 2016

IKEA celebrates the #joyofstorage by bringing the nation’s biggest collectors together under one roof

The last few months we have been on a mission to make the relatively dry subject of “storage solutions” culturally relevant.

Arming ourselves with an insight that storage should be about showing and sharing the possessions we love, rather than de-cluttering we put on IKEA “The Collection” at achingly hip gallery, the Proud Archivist.

In a celebration of the nation’s most passionate magpies we collected the most interesting collecting characters from across the UK.

They included Beatles biographer and champion collector Hunter Davies and Dawn O’Porter with her vintage clothes collection. We had a taxidermist, a camera collector, a Star Wars fan … you name it.

Bringing them together, we created a collection of collections, so everyone could see their amazing things. To make them, shine we of course used the incredible IKEA storage solutions to display them and had IKEA gurus on hand to advise visitors about how to do the same for their own prized possessions.

Apart from making a film that has been viewed over 1.8 million times, the media also loved the characters we unearthed and thoroughly embraced the whole idea.

Hence we generated coverage across the world …

There was a lovely splash in Evening Standard, swiftly followed by standout features across the nationals – including a half page Daily Telegraph, Metro and Independent. The exhibition also featured across the telly box, with broadcast interviews with the collectors and IKEA spokespeople on BBC News, Sky News, London Live and Reuters TV.

All in all we had a ball on this one

For those interested, here’s how we made Pez collections, toys soldiers, cameras and Spice Girls memorabilia into visitor attractions …

We know that 71% of our fans call themselves collectors but too many of you are hiding these wonderful collections away! To celebrate these collections, we’ve created the ‘IKEA Collection’ exhibition at The Proud Archivist gallery to help inspire you to show off your passions to the world.

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