Helping adidas #findfocus with the sell-out launch of their Z.N.E. hoodie has seen us take social channels by storm
12th October 2016

Helping adidas #findfocus with the sell-out launch of their Z.N.E. hoodie has seen us take social channels by storm

Last month, team adidas got to work on a very exciting new launch as the new adidas Athletics range was released in the UK. Aimed at the performance category, the hero item is the Z.N.E. hoodie, with its hood specifically designed to close off all other distractions before you take on the competition.

In amongst a super slick global advertising campaign featuring no less than Gareth Bale, Jess Ennis-Hill, Max Whitlock, Paul Pogba, Tom Daley, Ana Ivanovic and NBA star James Harden to name a few, there was also large murals painted of the superstars across London and the small matter of the Manchester United team wearing the Z.N.E. hoodie on to the pitch prior to their derby with Manchester City.

Supporting it through content creation we were tasked with identifying social media influencers who could drive the campaign from a UK perspective. Releasing content at the same time as the global advertising went live in order to create a UK filter, helping drive awareness and crucially conversation around the hashtag – #FINDFOCUS.

Working with personal trainer Bradley Simmonds, vlogger and personal trainer Zanna Van Dijk, yoga teach Adam Husler, YouTuber and personal trainer Carly Rowena, YouTubers The Lean Machines and fashion blogger Chloe Miles – we shot content with them that was then posted through their channels around the launch including Instagram and Snapchat. Crucially they helped to drive the discussion around #FINDFOCUS via blogging on how they found focus in their day-to-day pursuits and asking their followers to share their own moments of clarity.

The results speak for themselves with the Z.N.E. hoodie selling-out in the UK within a few hours of launch with social content driving 2000 recorded visits to the adidas ecommerce page. Additionally the combined UK posts gave the launch a reach of 3 million with 615,000 views of the content and influencer Bradley Simmonds posting seven more times organically to his 130,000 following.

Mindset is everything @adidasuk ????#FindFocus #adidas #bradleysimmonds #fitspiration #fitspo

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#FINDFOCUS ???????? In our increasingly chaotic modern lives we struggle to disconnect from technology and focus on our training. There have been countless occasions where I’ve been in the gym, an email comes in and the rest of my workout goes down the drain as all I can think about is the work I need to do. As a result, I purposefully put my phone on airplane mode for most of my workouts and I try to avoid touching it between sets or exercises. In reality, multitasking is inefficient. If you’re tweeting and training at the same time, these activities will not be done very effectively. So what’s my favourite way to find my focus? Putting my phone away and smashing my workout, right through to the end. No distractions ✌????️ Wearing @adidasuk ZNE hoodie. Shot by @jamescarnegiephotography ???? #adidas #inthezone #girlgains #gymgirls #stronggirls #ad

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Another shot from the AWESOME new @adidasuk range, all about the Z.N.E hoodie and White UltraBoosts though! #FINDFOCUS #ad

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Catch me looking serious and teaching publicly this week, all over London, including at the @omyogashow ????????????????????????????????MON: Total Chi 7.15am + Yotopia 12.15pm + Equinox 7.30pm 〰〰〰 TUE: Indaba 2pm(90min) + Total Chi 5.30pm + Yotopia 7.30pm 〰〰 WED: Yotopia 12pm + Hot Yoga Society 4.15pm + Stretch 7.45pm 〰〰〰 THUR: Yogahaven 7am + Equinox 9.30am + Yogahaven 6.30pm & 8.15pm 〰〰〰 FRI: Total Chi 8am + Om Show 11.30am + Stretch 6.30pm 〰〰〰 SAT: Equinox 8.30am + Heartcore 11am + Yogahaven 3.30pm & 5pm 〰〰〰 ONLINE: Udaya and Conscious2 ☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️☝️️ #yoga #adidas #omyogashow #hoody #london

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