Could #phonies sort of be the new #selfies? You never know, they seem to be catching on!
4th June 2014

Could #phonies sort of be the new #selfies? You never know, they seem to be catching on!

We wanted a quick, low-cost, fun way of promoting the HTC One mini 2 that we launched for the mobile brand last month.

So we came up with the idea of the #phonie – or using your handset to make yourself look like someone you clearly aren’t (and who is probably more famous than you are).

To make the idea real, we worked with agency friend and sometime collaborator, the Instagram star who is Dan Rubin to hit the streets of London armed with nothing but a couple of handsets with some pre-loaded famous faces and bags of enthusiasm.

So it was that various members of the public were coerced into posting for Dan’s lens as we captured their celebrity alter-egos using nothing but a spot of creative wit and the mobile handset in question.

To date, we’ve nailed coverage across the Daily Telegraph (who did us a splendid gallery) and Buzzfeed‘s celeb pages.

Then the whole thing has gone a bit global, as there has been coverage from Peru to France, Germany to the States. Stuff like the French MeltyStyle, TUX, and Feel Desain, Beautiful Decay and TrendHunter in the US, ShinyShiny, FastCoCreate, Photography Monthly, SouraBT.com, MeltyBuzzGizmodo chipped in with Germany’s representation, Piwee, Pousta, grafikeler, Check This OutDistractify, Il Etait Une Pub, smthng, Steal, while Modernism meant we got to Romania.

Veus Noticias (Venezuela), MetroXpress and DailyBri (Germany again), Ditched (Denmark), 7Days (Holland), Provincia and Tiempo (Mexico), la Octalevra and DeeJay (Italy), Metro (Chile), Telecino (Spain) shows yet more of the global tour!

Then there has been Bored Panda, Notebook For You, DesignGarage, LindaNieuws, YFH , TheCarib, La Cuisine du Graphiste, Cuatro, Blick am Abend, Complex, Actupus, RTV21, Most Popular Ever, CatraCaLivre, Pleated Jeans, Example.pl, UFunk, Bionic Goodies, Froot.nl Evoke, StarMedia, KlonBlog and a host of others as the story is slowly but surely capturing a spot of momentum around the world (pretty much as we’d planned it).

For those who may be interested, here’s what a #phonie looks like in the flesh, as it were …

IMG_8870 copy

IMG_8869 copy

IMG_8868 copy

IMG_8867 copy

IMG_8865 copy

IMG_8872 copy

IMG_8871 copy

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