A little thing that we’ve been working on with GoThinkBig.co.uk and O2 and Rizzle Kicks
14th June 2013

A little thing that we’ve been working on with GoThinkBig.co.uk and O2 and Rizzle Kicks

Yep. That’d be the trio.

We’ve been busying ourselves with a rather cool little campaign over the last week or so. Of all the weird, wonderful and downright enjoyable pieces of work we do for O2, this has to rate somewhere near the top.


Because it’s a game changer for the young people involved. Given we’re talking about a PR campaign here, something that will genuinely make a difference can’t be fun too, can it. Well yes actually, it can.

O2’s work experience initiative GoThinkBig offers young people a leg-up onto the career ladder by showcasing thousands of work experience placements from a host of the UK’s top organisations.

The clever people at GoThinkBig have partnered with chart-topping Brighton-based pop/hip-hop act Rizzle Kicks, to offer up to 150 work experience placements on the set of the music video for their new single “Lost Generation”.

And we get the enviable job of promoting the whole thing, which makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We kicked off earlier this week with an announcement to the UK’s media, opening the application process.

The team bagged just shy of 200 pieces of coverage over a 24-hour period, across titles like the Daily Star, BBC.co.uk, Independent, Evening Standard, MSN, Yahoo, Digital Spy and MailOnline to name-drop just a few of them. Pretty impressive even if we say so ourselves.

Our work boosted the application process and the GoThinkBig site was hit with thousands of young people logging to see what all the fuss was about. We’re now four days in and we have well over 600 applications in for positions like camera crew, make-up, set-build, director and post-production.

The video shoot happens over three days early July. By then we should have a team of excited and talented young people ready to take the first steps into what could well be a life-long career. See what we mean? Meaningful AND bloody exciting.

The finished video will be available for all to see at the end of July but in the meantime, here’s Rizzle Kicks asking for your help …

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