We’re firm believers that everyone at Hope&Glory should feel they belong. This is what we do to try and make that happen
18th June 2024

We’re firm believers that everyone at Hope&Glory should feel they belong. This is what we do to try and make that happen

We take a holistic approach to diversity which means we welcome everyone through our doors. Through this lens, we focus on removing barriers to entry into the industry by actively campaigning across our key pillars of race & religion, socio-economic background, sexuality, gender, disability, neurodiversity and parenthood.

We have a zero tolerance to discrimination of any kind and everyone undertakes diversity, microaggressions and conscious inclusion training.

Ultimately, we believe that more diverse teams are higher performing teams that deliver the best work for our clients.

So we work with partnersto help us to attract, retain and nurture diverse talent. In an industry that is currently 87% white and where 82% are degree-educated, 8% have a disability and 46% of Directors are female, we know that so much more needs to be done to address this imbalance and inspire more people from different backgrounds into PR and supporting them into leadership roles.

As proud holders of the Blueprint Diversity Kitemark since 2021, we are on a mission to embed inclusivity and belonging and actively build a culture where differences are celebrated and where everyone can thrive, regardless of their background.  

We publish our Gender and Ethnic Pay Gap data with PR Week and People Like us and are held accountable for the data we present and for addressing the issues that it highlights). You can find our Annual Diversity Statement here.

We also invest in an ongoing programme of education, advocacy and exposure to enable everyone to expand their cultural awareness and feed their curiosity about others and the world around them.

Our Beyond your Bubble Speaker Series offers inspirational talks from people with different lived experiences; our bi-monthly cultural outings; we mark important cultural calendar moments that are relevant to the team such as Pride and Black History Month. At an organisational level we want to ensure that the whole team is represented.

At the same time we believe that belonging is in the detail. So we organise social events that are inclusive and don’t centre around alcohol. We offer an “outifit rental bursary” for those going to awards who may not feel they have the “right” outfit they’ll feel comfortable in. We offer “flatmate takeaways” for interns to make connections with those they’re living with. It’s the little things that make a difference and so we’re always looking for new ways we can have a positive impact.

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Belonging is a team sport and we're proud to both support and receive support from a host of organisations to help get it right

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