We’ve popped our coverage cherry … you always remember your first time
14th November 2011

We’ve popped our coverage cherry … you always remember your first time

You know how it is, you never forget the first time do you?

And indeed the first time is worth recording for posterity.

Well, here in Hope&Glory, this (front page, we might add) piece is our first. We’ve been working with D&AD on their fiftieth anniversary celebrations and, as is somehow appropriate for a design organisation, our first job has been to show off the identity they’ve had created (by Neville Brody no less) to celebrate …

Some neat and sweet coverage for the job, with pieces across the main UK and international design and graphics titles.

Like we say, one day in the future, we will look back on the first time and remember it as being a tad fumbling, not the best experience of our lives and perhaps creatively a very long way off our best performance. But a first is a first. And should be remembered for just that reason …





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