We’ve been working with the team at O2 to launch their new brand campaign … and to make #O2BublDance something of a TikTok sensation
7th October 2020

We’ve been working with the team at O2 to launch their new brand campaign … and to make #O2BublDance something of a TikTok sensation

For O2’s latest network campaign, we needed to make the new face of O2, Bubl the robot, famous.

To do so, we enlisted some of the UK’s best (and most popular) dancers and set out to create the O2 Bubl dance – a set of moves the little fella performs that we could make famous.

From there, we recruited the likes of Perri Kiely, Amber Gill, Tom Malone and Ashley Roberts to challenge Bubl to a dance duet using the hashtag #O2BublDance across TikTok.

With the influencer content we created we reached over ten million fans who were encouraged to dance with Bubl.

The stars also shared the duet on their Instagram feeds, which reached another six million users.

Because online fame is never enough, we asked AJ to put his ballroom shoes aside and join brother Curtis to take on the TikTok dance duet – created by O2 and performed by Bubl – before being beautifully beamed alongside Bubl in to the skies as holograms.

The hologram stunned the London skyline, with AJ and Curtis’ efforts kicking off proceedings before being followed by other TikTok superstars – including Laure Elle, Perri Kiely and Twist & Pulse.

Each dancer was seen busting out their best moves above the iconic skyline of St Pauls and the City of London, following the dance routines of Bubl the robot.

With a speedy late-night media alert to press, with the photography and video assets, the news was out of the door.

And it’s fair to say it has been well received with more than 200 pieces of coverage to date, including the Daily Mail, BBC News,  The Sun Online  and The Sun print as well as whole bunch of regionals. What’s more, we’ve now reached well over 106 million TikTok users and inspired tens of thousands to do the #O2BublDance.

A busy time with a two-week turnaround following sign off, but the O2 team have officially nailed TikTok.

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