We teamed up with BBC Productions to create a special Hey Duggee episode just for parents and available exclusively on Facebook
23rd December 2020

We teamed up with BBC Productions to create a special Hey Duggee episode just for parents and available exclusively on Facebook

For most parents, Hey Duggee brings a moment of ‘quiet’. Watching Duggee and friends on loop is a widely recognised parenting phase and something most have had to endure.

We decided to team up with its creators, BBC Productions, to develop a one-off special that entertains parents just as the CBeebies show traditionally does for kids. And with 1.2 million views, 10k shares, 6.8k reactions and 4.1k comments, it went down rather well.

Hosted exclusively on Facebook, ‘Parenting in 2020’ was inspired by conversations from Facebook Parenting Groups throughout the pandemic. It illustrates the positive impact the platform has on mental health and wellbeing by providing a space where mums and dads can come to connect and share the highs and lows of parenting in lockdown. 

The episode sees Duggee juggling the challenges of working from home, video calls and homeschooling alongside everyday parenting moments. It concludes by presenting parents with their very own ‘Parenting in 2020’ badge rewarding them for their hard work and reminding them they’re not alone in the challenges they face. There are currently over 1.2k parents ‘wearing’ their badge with pride in the way of a profile picture frame.

We shared the special content with media, creators, influencers and parenting communities, securing in excess of 240 pieces of coverage with a combined reach of over 162 million, plus lots of engagement across social media. 

Hits include BBC 5Live, Mail Online and our content was posted in the FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS Facebook Group which has over 1.1million members. To top it off, 97% of all media coverage – including 100% of broadcast hits – included our primary key message.

Now all that’s left to do is tell you where you can watch the episode, which is here


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