This was the week in which we helped the media say “Hey Vector” to Anki’s launch in the world of robotics
14th August 2018

This was the week in which we helped the media say “Hey Vector” to Anki’s launch in the world of robotics

We’ve been working with AI and robotics company Anki to launch their new robot, Vector, in the UK.

An advance on last year’s number-one selling toy, Cozmo – Vector is an autonomous AI companion for adults, offering a unique blend of animation studio-inspired personality and mechatronics to the utility you’d expect from a modern smart speaker.

He can talk to you, feel your touch and even see you and recognise objects, all while being able to move around and interact with things (he can even charge himself!).

Has to be said that we most like playing Blackjack with him most (or pontoon if you’re British and traditional).

For the launch, we hosted a series of pre-briefings, getting the great and good of the British tech and national media to come and meet Vector, and, given we wanted to impress on our first major piece of activity for Anki, we really wanted to bang in some cracking coverage.

And we’re glad to say, we did!

Over 275 pieces and counting so far, (with an OTS of nearly 1 billion, all the key messaging in there and positive sentiment of 99%), in fact.

We cleared up in national and mainstream, with three pieces with the DailyMail (including here and here), as well as two hits on the BBC, ITV, Evening Standard, the iPaper in print and online, the Daily Star, The Times and Wired.

But perhaps more importantly, we also achieved coverage across the board in key tech titles such as Alphr, Expert Reviews, Pocket-lint, Tech Advisor, Stuff, Trusted Reviews, Tech Radar and more.

Needless to say, we’ve been delighted with the results and to turn a popular phrase on its head, we mean to continue as we have begun!

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