This is what happens when you combine Beyonce with an East London food festival and invent the UK Cheese Carving Championships
1st April 2017

This is what happens when you combine Beyonce with an East London food festival and invent the UK Cheese Carving Championships

This week’s entertainment has involved an internationally renowned celebrity, a pregnancy photo … and cheese.

Some of you might remember that, when challenged by the nice people at Get Living London and East Village E20 to come up with ways of promoting their enlivenment events, we take something of a lateral approach.

Which is why we made a Pimp My Beard stand at their Christmas market.

Well, they challenged us again. This time with their cheese and wine festival. So we took a typically ambitious approach to the whole affair.

First of all, we invented the UK Cheese Carving Championships and planned to have them take place at the East Village event. That meant that we could pre-promote the event by giving an early view of one of the entries – as the finishing touches were made to the design.

And for that, we came up with the idea that one entrant would create a cheese-based depiction of the Beyonce pregnancy photo that pretty much broke Instagram.

Then, we called it Brie-yonce.

The response has been all that we hoped for … and more.

First of all, we nailed some pretty strong national UK coverage. There as the Daily Telegraph, METRO, Daily Star, Daily Mirror, Independent, Sunday World, INDY100. A bunch of others.

Then CNN got in touch. And they really liked it.

Then things got really weird and – to be totally honest with you – a little out of hand.

First of all, the story started setting Twitter alight. Then Twitter themselves spotted it and turned it into one of their Moments – actually the number-2 ranked moment worldwide. Which was generous of them.

As a result of that, we started to get coverage across the nation – and indeed across the world.

There was Time Out, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post (in the UK, US and Australia), Hyperallergic, Idolator, Incredible Things, BET, The Poke, New York Post, The Edge, LOTI, Perez Hilton, INVERSE, Teen Vogue and Paper Magazine.

Oh, then we appeared across US TV. Then the story found its way back to the UK with Gordon Ramsay giving Brie-yonce a plug on The Nightly Show. And we have This Morning lined-up for Monday.

And that’s all quite apart from another couple of hundred pieces across a host of regional sites and US radio thanks to the wires picking up the story and running with it.

All-in-all, it’s been a pretty good week. We made the most famous Cheese and Wine Festival in the world!

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