The team has been working with the women’s fitness community to celebrate those who are #heretocreate
25th April 2017

The team has been working with the women’s fitness community to celebrate those who are #heretocreate

Following the remarkable success of our New Year’s “Here to Create” influencer campaign for adidas Women, we thought we’d repeat the trick.

So it was that once again using the global campaign hashtag, #heretocreate, a series of influencers showcased the latest kit drop from the adidas Women’s training collection.

Social research showed that, while the media (and a lot of women too, it has to be said), set New Year goals, there is also a massive peak in commitments to training post-Easter (something to do with a long weekend blow-out and too much chocolate, no doubt).

The levels of engagement with the inspiring campaign images have exceeded our wildest expectations and have given the newest marble kit a phenomenal sales boost.

Here is just a small selection of them …

Just wanted to give you guys a #BestMe update. In 10 days, I have honestly gone from feeling so frustrated with my physical & mental progress to feeling like a whole new woman. Just by making some simple and effective tweaks to my training and nutrition I truly feel like I am getting back to my best. And it turn it gave me the confidence to rock this super cute @adidasuk crop top & leggings, that I wouldn’t have felt too comfortable in a few weeks back. I put it down to nourishing my body, moderating my portions and becoming in tune with my hunger cues. I also put it down to consistency in the gym, smashing my workouts and in turn already noticing progress in my strength & fitness. And this is only the beginning….in the coming weeks & months I am #heretocreate my best self. My fittest self. My strongest self. My happiest self. If you’re looking for the same then come and do this with me! I’ll be sharing the changes I’ve made & little tips and tricks that I believe can help you to feel your best. Already so excited to have so many of you on board! The support you guys give is like nothing else I have experienced, so let’s support each other on this journey. ???????? #heretocreate #bestme #transformation #fitnessjourney #strong #fit #happy #ad #adidas

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I have sent out an email last week to my subscribers pretty muxh in tears telling them how before my trip here to Abidjan I was mentally exhausted and confused as to what my purpose in life and ultimately via my work was…. . . . .Not that things have gotten much more clearer on all fronts but I would say that a breath of fresh air and no active thinking helps. My soul has reminded me that I was already doing what I was meant to..create, inspire, and SERVE YOU. Use my own experience to inspire YOU to live your life the way you want to….feeling WELL inside and out. . .And How?! Well the universe shall be telling me soon;-) for now let’s create a world we d be proud to live in. . .A BETTER WORLD STARTS WITH A BETTER YOU❤❤❤❤ . .#heretocreate #movement #wellness #feelgoodinsideout #adidasuk #adidas

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||FRIDAY FOCUS ▪️|| In the words of the wonderful @catmeffan ????GOALS BEFORE SCROLLS ???? ????????FOCUS before you get into weekend mode ????????PRIORITISE your goals over social media & all the other things that lead us to procrastinate. We’re all so guilty of wasting such valuable precious time ⏰ on things that perhaps don’t serve us as well as they could – myself included ???????? . So with that I’m posting this, then putting my phone away to allow me to focus on my goals. If you’d like to come hit your fitness goals with me in class ???????? You can find me @equinox today 12.30pm for Tabata! . After that I’m excited to hit the rocks once again with dream team @movewithtara @misscharholmes @maxwilko @theclimbinghangarlondon ⛰⛰⛰ Happy Friday team! . Wearing: the siiiiiick new @adidasuk marble kit ????@adrienne_ldn #tonewhatyouown #Friday #focus

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