Our first piece of work with our clients at adidas has seen us get the New Year off to a flying start for running and training fans
25th January 2016

Our first piece of work with our clients at adidas has seen us get the New Year off to a flying start for running and training fans

We’ve been working with our lovely new clients at adidas over the past month or so to create a series of work out films that have played out across their women’s Facebook community and across their Running channels worldwide.

This first piece of pretty tactical content work has seen us create a set of work out films alongside the delightful AJ Odudu that have been shared across adidas social channels. The films are designed to put a bit of personal training into every follower’s living room and deliver expert advice for free and gratis. Shot by the team working with the lovely Nathan Gallagher and the adidas London Newsroom team, we had a lot of fun creating them.

The films were also designed to offer a way of bringing women’s training and women’s running together – through a series of other pieces of content that played out over the course of the month of January. The content too linked everything neatly together with four films based on four different training focus points, each of which improve and support running (Endurance, Strength, Stablity and Flexibility in case you’re interested).

To date, we’ve seen the campaign fly. With some bought social behind the films, we’ve delivered over 800,000 views in the past month and overall the campaign (across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) has delivered some 90,000 engagements.

Nice way to start a new relationship.

Train to Run Strength Workout

Push your limits with AJ Odudu’s final workout. Designed to work your arms, legs and core, it’s time to dig deep and show what you’re made of.

Posted by adidas Women on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Train to Run Stability Workout

It’s time to work that core. Get those abs fired up with AJ Odudu’s stability workout.

Posted by adidas Women on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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