Mastermind astrologer Mystic Gregg reveals what your horoscope says about your Greggs order
3rd June 2021

Mastermind astrologer Mystic Gregg reveals what your horoscope says about your Greggs order

We leave no seasonal and cultural moment untapped in our bid to generate coverage that means our clients are part of the conversation.

And with Mercury in retrograde – a key moment in the astrologer’s calendar apparently – there was no better time to analyse Greggs Reward app data to align star signs with baked goods.

The planet of communication, travel and technology is apparently going backwards, which is huge news in the consumer lifestyle world. We can expect fall outs, fall overs, texts sent to the wrong person, computer fails and sleepless nights.

But, the last thing you want is to regret your food order during this turbulent time, right?

Enter Mystic Gregg.

The team analysed the order data from the Greggs Rewards app to decide whether you’re a flaky Scorpio who loves a Croissant or an uncompromising Aquarius who won’t stray from the Vegan Sausage Roll. Coupled with some Greggs themed astrology memes and we were onto a winner.

Naturally, the story attracted a lot of debate on social media and gained nearly a million impressions across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Helped along by some good old fashioned media relations, we also bagged belting pieces across The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Metro, MSN and a host of regionals besides.

What’s more the post on the brand’s Instagram was the best-performing in months, creating yet more conversations as fans and the public had their say.

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