Loving making the world just that little bit more creative with O2’s inspirational Eureka! Gallery
26th November 2014

Loving making the world just that little bit more creative with O2’s inspirational Eureka! Gallery

Challenged by O2 to come up with a big idea for the launch of a couple of their latest and greatest tablets, we came up with the idea of Eureka! moments.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well, the most impactful ideas in the world all started with someone scribbling an idea – a note, a doodle, a sketch of the inside of their heads

And these days where else are you going to do that but on a tablet?

So it was that we found ourselves working with everyone from Star Wars’ prop makers to the creators of Hello Kitty to the Science Museum and the makers of the Anglepoise lamp, the designers of the Serpentine Gallery and the architects of the Gensler Shanghai Tower.

In the space of just three weeks – with a massive team effort and the help of our chums at The Proud Archivist and show collaborator and Inventor in Residence of the Science Museum Mark Champkins – an exhibition of 20 Eureka! moments came into being.

Displayed on tablets, each of our little flashes of inspiration had its story told to the public – from Whittle’s jet engine thesis being given a solid 30/30 by his professor to the fact that Dennis the Menace was first scrawled on the back of a fag packet.

But we didn’t stop there, with Mark’s help we’ve also created the “most creative room in the world” as part of the show.

Complete with Drunk Tank pink colour wash, 300 Lux of light, the smell of peppermint, creativity chewing gum by Bompas & Parr, hot chocolate on tap and the sound of birdsong, it has all the components that scientific research would tell you leads to creative thinking. It also contains a bath of course. So everyone can seat themselves and come up with a personal breakthrough.

The Eureka! Gallery is open for the next couple of weeks at The Proud Archivist. So do make your way down if you can!

Oh. And so far it’s scored some beautiful coverage including a lovely full page in the METRODaily Mirror, Daily Telegraph and a stunner in PSFK on our “most creative room in the world” . More to come as we’ve another four stories to follow!

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