It’s been a case of Game of Scones in the Hope&Glory office as our latest Deliveroo campaign hit the presses
29th July 2017

It’s been a case of Game of Scones in the Hope&Glory office as our latest Deliveroo campaign hit the presses

There may be a heatwave in London, but in Westeros winter is here.

With the season seven premier of Game of Thrones arriving on Monday the Deliveroo team spent the week unveiling the Game of Thrones bakery, christened “You Know Nothing John Dough,” to the world.

Knowing the media frenzy that surrounds the show we could resist the opportunity to make Deliveroo part of the story …

Enter Ben Hawkey.

Ben played fan favourite character Hot Pie in the show and famously said goodbye to Arya Stark by baking her a loaf of Direwolf bread as a gift.

After a brief period of recipe development we had our real-world version of the fantasy loaf and with premises being offered in a Deliveroo Edition the bakery was born.

The media loved the story and our coverage totals (like the bread) have been rising throughout the week with national highlights including pieces from Metro and the Daily Express.

However, this one was always destined for a different audience – the younger group of GoT super-fans likely to need plenty of take-away as they binge-watch the show. So we were over-the-moon when the story made a pretty much clean sweep of the trends sites.

First there was Mashable, Digital Spy, NME and Time Out. But then the story went a wee bit nuts. Buzzfeed, Hypebeast, High Snobiety, Nerdist, CraveHuffPo and Complex picked it up. Swiftly followed by The Daily MealPeople, E!Unilad and LadBible. Alongside PedestrianMentalFloss, SalonBored Panda … the list goes on (and on!).

Orders have also been flooding in from Jamie East at Virgin Radio, Comedy Central, TMZ Live and Sky’s very own Thronescast all got samples on-air when the bakery has officially opened.

The team was also very proud to make it to the front page of the Game of Thrones Reddit alongside having a rather splendid Twitter Moment dedicated to our little tale.

All men must dine indeed …

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