Hope&Glory goes travelling with some of Instagram’s biggest users … and O2
26th July 2012

Hope&Glory goes travelling with some of Instagram’s biggest users … and O2

A quick report on some work that we’ve just kicked off with Hope&Glory’s social media project client, O2.

For those unfamiliar with our work with the mobile and broadband network, we seem to find ourselves working with them on calendar and seasonal social media campaigns. There might be some design in this. If there is, we’re not particularly aware of it.

Anyway, following our Christmas jollity with O2Santa and our Valentine’s shenanigans with O2Cupid, we’ve got all snap happy with a spot of summer activity.

This time swapping Twitter and YouTube to make Instagram our home for the next couple of months, we’re working with some of the mobile photo giant’s hottest snappers to run a campaign for O2 Travel, O2’s newly launched European roaming tariff.

We’ve hooked up with users including @jeera, @mikekus, @danrubin and @naomiatkinson to showcase the potential of photosharing from your break as the cost of data has plummeted.

They are heading off on trips across Europe, posting photos of their travels to #o2Travel as they go. At the same time, other users of the network can post their own favourite holiday snaps to the same hashtag to be in with a chance of winning amazing weekend breaks to Milan, Berlin and Paris, where they can try O2 Travel out for themselves.

We’re creating and posting images that tell people what they need to do on the same hashtag, taking the campaign from opinion former engagement to consumer participation pretty seamlessly.

It’s early days yet, but you can see the piccies that have so far been posted by taking a look at the #o2travel photostream. We’re pretty pleased with the success so far (particularly because this is O2’s first foray into Instagram-based social media activity).

Here’s to a long summer of photo-sharing!

And here are some lovely shared photos from our travellers so far …

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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