Bringing the LOVBACKEN for IKEA as a furnishing revival makes national news
24th July 2013

Bringing the LOVBACKEN for IKEA as a furnishing revival makes national news

IKEA has bags of stories. They happen everyday – with new products, new services, the people.

But what they need sometimes is someone to spot the stories, pick out the strong ones and then deliver them in the media.

Which is exactly what we do.

One example was noticing that a new product had a particularly rich story. The LOVBACKEN was a re-interpretation of a product made in 1956 – the LOVET (or “leaf” table).

Legend has it that IKEA’s creative director in the mid-1950s had to take the LOVET to a photo-shoot, couldn’t fit it in his car and sawed its legs off. It was the birth of the flatpack revolution.

That story was tucked away on page 27 of a press pack put together by the IKEA team. We made it front page news.

Grabbing the assets – the mythical story and the archive catalogue shots of LOVET – we hit the media claiming that IKEA was where it all started.

Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Emerald Street, a full-age belter in The Sunday Times, GizmodoCreative ReviewDezeen, PSFK, Curbed, Design Taxi and a heap of others too numerous to mention … cracking coverage from a simple spot.

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