Announcing the imminent arrival of a “DIY dining revolution” in the shape of The Dining Club by IKEA has netted all kinds of awesome results
5th September 2016

Announcing the imminent arrival of a “DIY dining revolution” in the shape of The Dining Club by IKEA has netted all kinds of awesome results

Exciting times here in Hope&Glory as we’re just about to launch our latest, greatest IKEA campaign.

This time, it’s their food offer that we’re turning our attentions to.

Tasked with coming up with an experiential idea that would work across the marketing disciplines as a core integrated activation, we’re delighted to announce The Dining Club by IKEA – the world’s first do it yourself restaurant.

We wanted a campaign idea that would bring to life IKEA’s cooking and eating range to life for consumers.

So the idea we jumped off from was that, if IKEA encourages the world to “make it themselves” when it comes to their furniture, we’d create a restaurant concept that did just the same thing. Think of it as a flatpack culinary adventure.

So we shall open a pop up restaurant at which customers get the opportunity to make brunch, lunch or dinner for up to 20 of their nearest and dearest friends at The Dining Club, all under the supervision of an expert chef. They’ll then be able to serve up their three course creations and enjoy it together – highlighting the way that eating together brings people together.

The DIY Dining Club has just been announced and the spots have been snapped up.

Not surprising given that we’ve landed over 150 pieces of coverage and that it doesn’t open for another week.

Highlights (there are a few of them) include a healthy national spread from the Daily Mail (twice) and Evening Standard to CITY A.M. and the Independent to the Daily Telegraph and METRO. Even The Sun got involved with the fun.

Then there have been the trend lifestyle sites. Mashable, HomeCrux, Preen, NYLON, Concrete PlaygroundAdayInHabitat, TrendHunterHigh Snobiety, Huh, Hypebeast, Refinery29, Culture WhisperNotCot JezebelLondonist, LotI, Urbanologie … more or less the works on that front. Of course, the foodies have got on board with the whole concept, hence pieces across EaterQuick BiteHungry Forever, Hot DinnersFood and Wine, Hardens, EatOut … and a host of others.

And once all that happened, our little story got its international legs. E! OnlineTrendencias, Modalia, Inc, SinoInterEconomia, elEconomistaLibre MercadoIlQuorumFox News24 HUExpansionDesign That Sticks, UpRoxxMashable FranceAdformatieKonbiniFortune … amongst over 60 pieces from various countries around the world. And of course the marketing rags loved the whole thing with EventDesign Week, Campaign, Creative Pool, PR Examples.

With all of that in the bag – and a heap more to come – we’re looking forward to opening the doors on our latest creation!

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