A couple of weeks in which a certain international popstar’s album launch took over O2
9th November 2013

A couple of weeks in which a certain international popstar’s album launch took over O2

This week we have been behaving like Little Monsters to tell the world about O2 4G and O2 Tracks’ amazing partnership with Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga’s new album, “ARTPOP” has been made exclusively available to O2 Tracks customers six days before it goes on general sale – so we’ve taken to the rooftops to tell the world through the not insubstantial amount of media who are interested in such things.

The announcement generated excitement in The Sun, The Times, , The GuardianThe Drum,  Digital Spy, NME, Marketing, and Buzzfeed to name but a very, very few of the thousands of pieces that resulted.

We then released a short teaser video to tell O2 4G customers they could access an exclusive interview with Gaga. This went down a storm with Daily Mail Online, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, MSN, Evening Standard and MTV. Again, to mention but a few of the articles.

You can still get exclusive access to the album 2 days early at O2tracks.com.

Now can anyone explain to us what Gaga means when she says “putting art onto the soup can” in this video …?

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