There are lots of reasons for mentioning this. Mostly one filed in “use it later” …
19th January 2012

There are lots of reasons for mentioning this. Mostly one filed in “use it later” …

We had the lovely Emma of Miss Cakehead fame in the office this week. Helping out with a couple of bits and bobs and coming up with some ideas together for a little project-ette or two.

If you’re interested in what creative type folks are up to and you haven’t read her blog. Well … you should.

We have a little file tucked away of “odd things that might trigger a less odd thought at a later date” around here in Hope&Glory. Just so that there are lots of connections to various ideas that all come together when the right brief lands. And because if you’re not willing to collaborate to do interesting things, it’s quite likely that a lot of the things that you do will be just a little bit less interesting than they might otherwise have been. In our book. If you see what we mean.

Anyway … Cakehead Loves Evil. A source book of oddity. I shall leave it at that.

Meantime, however, one of the “useful things for later” that I came across on Emma’s blog was the work above. Created by EatonNott (a collaboration between Jess Eaton and Jon Nott), it’s a unique, bespoke and generally one-off “Deceased Pet”. Yup, that’s right, it’s the carved skull of someone’s beloved … well, whatever it was. Something fluffy no doubt.

Apart from the fact that it’s a mad leap of creative genius, it’s also something that, have no doubt, will come in really, really handy one day. Seriously. Really handy.

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