The latest Kinect Hack … kids get into a spot of the “Puppet Parade”
12th January 2012

The latest Kinect Hack … kids get into a spot of the “Puppet Parade”

Microsoft has been doing the unthinkable for some time now, embracing rather than litigating against those who have “hacked” its Kinect technology (which enables all manner of creative wonder based on their motion-detection software and hardware, for those who don’t know).

Came across this little piece of wonder and loveliness today: the Puppet Parade.

Basically something that enables kids to wave their arms around in front of a screen to trigger and then manipulate a couple of digital birds on a screen. It’s pretty lovely stuff …

Now the whole thing is a trifle reminiscent of something that I first saw a couple of years ago at the Design Museum: Shadow Monsters, created by interactive designer and artist, Phil Worthington. But it takes the whole idea a heap of steps further and shows just what can be done when creative businesses embrace creative people …

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