Cinimod Studio brings the idea of making snow angels bang up-to-date
16th March 2012

Cinimod Studio brings the idea of making snow angels bang up-to-date

Dunno about you, but I think that there is something distinctly romantic and childhood memory-inducing about making snow angels.

Which is probably why this appealed to such a degree.

Ice Angel, by Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio, brings the idea of making snow angels bang-up to date – and makes it an altogether less wet and cold affair (admittedly losing something along the way in doing so if you’re a big kid like me).

It’s an art installation that uses a 3-D camera to track those who stand before it. As folk lift their arms, they grow a unique pair of glowing wings that emanate from a grid of pure white LEDs.

It’s pretty stunning. If you ask me.

Ice Angel from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.

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