Values are a key part of being part of Hope&Glory and these are the ones that we hold most dear
17th June 2024

Values are a key part of being part of Hope&Glory and these are the ones that we hold most dear

We have a diverse team from different backgrounds and with different experiences.  Every person at Hope&Glory is an individual – that’s part of their charm. 

And we want people to bring their whole selves to work each day and don’t feel they have to be someone else when they cross the threshold of the agency. 

While skills are different, our agency values are what binds up together.  A shared set of beliefs and behaviours that unite us as a team.

The Hope&Glory values are…


Striving to bring openness, accountability, and authenticity to the work and the workplace. Whilst being courageous enough to challenge the status quo, have your own beliefs and ideas challenged in return, and adjust and adapt to different situations, personalities, and points of view.


Being an active part of a culture founded on inclusivity and where diversity is championed through how we work with one another and the work we deliver. Approaching every task as a team by rolling our sleeves up and working together because no task is too small or problem too big, and no success solely our own.


Showcasing the passion and drive to go the extra mile and deliver positive, effective, and meaningful results for clients and the team around you with the ambition to do the best work of your career.


Being brave in action, bold in feedback, and united in dealing with issues upfront by speaking up when things aren’t right. Showing judgement through a conviction to consistently make wise decisions for clients and teams and in the pursuit of brilliant creative ideas.


Showcasing an inquisitive nature, appetite for learning, and enthusiasm for the job, your clients, and the world around you. Constantly asking “why?”, “how?” and “what if?” through a restless desire to do new things, take risks and actively embracing change.

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