This is how we go about recruiting at Hope&Glory, just so you know what to expect of us during the process
18th June 2024

This is how we go about recruiting at Hope&Glory, just so you know what to expect of us during the process

As we say around these parts, welcome to the land of Hope&Glory. We wanted to give a sense of how we go about recruiting for those considering joining us.

We’re rigorous but we also won’t take more of your time than we feel we need to to get it right.

We generally have three rounds of interviews lasting about an hour each. You’ll normally meet a couple of people from the Board or the Senior Client Leads team.

We keep our panels diverse but if you’re a subject-expert then expect to meet one of our team who run our sports or gaming or consumer tech (for example) accounts.

We also do either a written test (about 45 minutes to a nice tight brief) or a presentation task (again, about 20-30 minutes to present how you’d tackle a client brief – this is for more senior practitioners).

We give feedback after each round and we’re objective in the way we interview and feedback. It’s said by so many organisations now that it’s almost become trite. But we do look for culture add rather than culture fit. We also look for people who we feel share our values (just as you’d look for an organisation that fits yours).

Our process is also two-way. We’ll take the time to explain our structure, try and give a sense of accounts, team structures, our perspective on the world, the way we work, our culture. We know full well that we won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and we’d rather you figured that out before we go too far down the road.

If you are interested in joining the team, here are five things that might help …

We love to meet interesting people from all backgrounds

Every person that we hire at Hope&Glory is an individual – that’s part of their charm.  And we want people to bring their whole selves to work each day and don’t feel they have to be someone else when they cross the threshold of the agency. 

In 2021 we were first awarded The Blueprint diversity mark, and retained the mark in 2023 for another two years.  The Blueprint diversity mark, set up in 2020, helps organisations attract, retain and nurture diverse talent. It helps talented Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Ethnic Minority comms professionals find employers committed to supporting them to achieve their career dreams.

The things we look for

While we are a diverse bunch from lots of different backgrounds with different experiences, there are certain traits that unite the team and that we look for when interviewing:

  • A love of the media as well as pride (and excitement) in seeing a story fly
  • A willingness to muck in and make things happen
  • Bravery when it comes to ideas and to approaching either media, third parties or prospects
  • A restlessness in the pursuit of great work for clients
  • An ability to empathise with others and “get” what makes a client as well as a team members tick
  • A love of social media, already ingrained into how they operate
  • An ability to take the work seriously without taking themselves too seriously
  • A sense of fun

Creating a best place to work

We sweat the small stuff, from policies that support you, to a benefits package that offers everything from a Private GP to monthly creative trips, inclusive social events and nights out on us, and endless training so you can make the most out of your career.

We have been a “best place to work” for PRWeek, Provoke and Campaign for the last few years, and continue to focus on what our team needs.

Epic work

We are most known for our award-winning campaigns and we want everyone at the agency to have a chance to work on something that becomes a career highlight for years to come.  Whether that’s opening a restaurant with Brooklyn Beckham, launching the Champions League for Pepsi with a show-stopping performance from Lenny Kravitz, challenging the high-fashion world of Balenciaga in a tongue-in-cheek way for IKEA or re-opening the iconic 363 Oxford Street for HMV, at Hope&Glory you can be involved in endless career-defining campaigns.

An easy recruitment process

Simply send your CV and a covering letter telling us why you want to work at Hope&Glory to recruitment@hopeandglorypr.com.  If we don’t have an opening, we promise to keep your CV on file for when something opens up.

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