Our latest “Beyond Your Bubble” session saw We Are POCC’s Kevin Morosky take to the stage. Here are some highlights …
25th March 2024

Our latest “Beyond Your Bubble” session saw We Are POCC’s Kevin Morosky take to the stage. Here are some highlights …

We’re a curious bunch at Hope&Glory.

We recently hosted Kevin Morosky, a self-confessed Virgo, creative, and film auteur, as part of our Beyond Your Bubble Series where we invite external speakers from different walks of life to share their experiences.

Feeling pigeonholed (in his words) as a diversity hire, Kevin found he had to use his voice to overcome obstacles within the creative industry. His focus on genuine storytelling, with a dash of humour, continues to break down barriers and create truly inclusive advertising.

He waxed lyrical about how Biggie Smalls inspires everything he does and what prompted him to co-found We Are Pocc – a platform set up to recognise the transformative potential of collective action. Pocc (which stands for the People of Culture Collective) champions social progress through innovative arts, providing opportunities for those in the creative spaces and a commitment to challenging the status quo.

Kevin spoke about his non-traditional career journey and his observations about how a truly inclusive environment can lead to better creative work. He also shared guidance on how organisations can keep this front of mind and forge an environment in which people flourish. 

Here are our favourite takes from Kevin’s candid talk about how to be ‘Black and Magical (in peace): 

  1. Real communities are built on connection and a strong community is about shared values, not just size. In his own words: ‘Community isn’t a number’ – all you need is one common goal and a kernel of an idea 
  2. An inclusive environment should not take away your Magic. In other words, sharing your gifts in a supportive space only makes them shine brighter not dim you, which is why businesses need to recognise and hero individuality and champion this at all times
  3. Take time to discover yourself and what you value; uncover your inner compass and what truly matters to you 
  4. Forge your own path and build something meaningful, and always bear in mind the path to building something meaningful (to you) is rarely linear
  5. Learning comes from trying. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Equally, businesses need to create environments in which people feel that they can fail and have a support system in place when they do so 

Everyone lives in a bubble. Where they live, their families, their friends, their work. We see and mix with the same people every day. And we draw our insights, opinions, and ideas from these reference points. 

Our Beyond Your Bubble series aims to expand our curiosity and take inspiration from the wide world – from individuals outside of our bubbles. As an agency, by valuing diverse voices and perspectives, you create a space where everyone feels welcome to contribute which filters into the creative work and the relationships we build with our clients.  We hope these talks inspire us all in work and life to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

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