We were super-proud to pick up a pair of PHNX Awards at our first attempt at this most unconventional of shows
17th May 2024

We were super-proud to pick up a pair of PHNX Awards at our first attempt at this most unconventional of shows

As those who know us know we do like an awards show. And we’ve had a stab at most of them over the years picking up our fair share of silverware.

But as a rule we’ve tended to stick to the UK awards (bar of course the Sabres) and we’ve tended to stick to PR and social awards rather than the big international integrated affairs. Not really sure why, call it a lack of ambition maybe or a lack of time and energy more likely.

Anyway, we thought we’d enter the PHNX Awards and try our luck. As it transpired, our luck was in as we entered two pieces of work and came away with an award for each of them.

Now for those who don’t know, the PHNX Awards are run by AdForum and are a little unusual because they charge you only if you’re shortlisted. Which is refreshing given the sums of money we’ve parted with over the years on entry fees. That said, the downside is that the competition is stiff with hundreds of entries from around the world.

Which is why we were as proud as can be to pick up a Silver for our work with IKEA on Real Life Roomsets which saw us create temporary accommodation conditions in place of pristine show-rooms in four IKEA stores around the country while calling for new affordable homes to be built. There’s a little case study of the campaign below.

We also scooped an award – bronze in this case – for our social newsjacking of Balenciaga’s Towel Skirt, a campaign that caught the attention of the media and social media users alike and went somewhat wild. A cheeky social media post that generated hundreds of pieces of coverage and around 40 million impressions across Instagram, Tiktok and X. We thought we’d pop a little case study of that one below too.

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