Awesome news from the land of Hope&Glory as we’ve started work with the world’s most premium water brand
6th December 2015

Awesome news from the land of Hope&Glory as we’ve started work with the world’s most premium water brand

Amazing news to be able to report in Hope&Glory this week as we’ve heard that we’ve landed one of the world’s best premium brands and have started work with the lovely people at FIJI water.

We’re getting to work across a pretty wide range of activity with them as we have first to set up all their UK-specific social feeds, so we’re on the case launching the brand’s local presence in the key social channels – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a lovely brief to keep them populated with appropriately fabulous content which we’re even now in the process of creating. We’re also taking on their community management.

Next up, we’ve got a wide-ranging events sponsorship brief that has already seen us deliver pretty awesome coverage across the board (with five pieces across Daily Mail online a particular highlight) from their British Fashion Awards partnership. We’ve got a full pipeline of event activity to come that will see the brand at the heart of many of London’s most fashionable events.

We’re also working with FIJI Water on their influencer programme. They have a remarkable level of fandom amongst those in the know, so we’re going to be working with those folks to ensure that they’re seen with our new client “brand in hand”.

Finally, we’re also working with the water on their editorial programme across trade and consumer media. 

And with some exciting news to come, we’re looking forward to next year and a host of opportunity to ensure we maintain FIJI Water’s position as the UK’s most-loved super-premium water brand.

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