“You’re a barista” … one of the finest lines in recent advertising …

I do like the Samsung spot for its Galaxy phone.

They are probably more than happy to take a pop at Apple in any available forum given the two brands’ by-now-infamous court actions against each other pretty much everywhere in the world.

But as far as doing it in advertising … well, that’s a brave move.

However, the script in this spot pitches it perfectly and Samsung gets away with it with aplomb.

The loveliness of it is that it positions the Samsung as something between the “hipster” and the “sensible” choice. The Samsung customers are using it because it works, its battery life is better, the screen is cleaner.

All the while and at the same time, it rubbishes Apple in a bid to turn them off the Californians – the iPhone positioned as geek/wannabe brand – in a bid to get the cool kids to switch to the Galaxy as the rejectors’ choice.

Neat work …