Your phone’s “ringing” … we helped O2 Recycle land a load of coverage with a story of love in which two handsets played a leading role

Sometimes campaigns are quick. You know how it is, you have an idea, you suggest it, it gets signed off, you land it, you move on.

And sometimes they take time. You come up with idea. People like it a lot but it isn’t quite right at the time so it festers in a notebook of “things to use at some point”. Then its moment comes – the right brief at the right time.

Well, this is one of those.

Because once upon a long time ago we came up with an idea for O2 Recycle. And this week that idea saw light of day.

We helped a rather lovely couple of O2 customers to get engaged with a ring – so many phone-related puns – made from the handsets that brought them together when they met on Tinder.

We found the delightful James and Hayley who had the perfect story and who were willing to let us work with them to design a rather special band to bring them together,

One proposal and a photoshoot later, it Turned out the media loved our little story.

Cracking pieces followed across the METRO, Daily Star, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and dozens of others besides.