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Yesterday’s entertainment featured 100 young people, a launch and Nick Clegg

There isn’t a dull moment in H&G at the moment.

Yesterday’s entertainment was helping out the lovely people at Telefónica, O2 and Wayra.

It featured the ever-charming O2 CEO, Ronan Dunne, Telefónica Europe’s CEO Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete Lopez, an audience of over 100 young people from O2’s GoThinkBig platform and the Deputy Prime Minster, the Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP.

We were collectively (because the O2 can claim the lion’s share of the credit for pulling all of this off) launching WayraUnltd, a brand-spanking new social enterprise start-up accelerator funded by Telefónica and money from the Government’s Social Incubator Fund.

That launch swiftly followed by an open forum conducted by the DPM with the 100 young people present to quiz him about everything from skills to whether going to university is a worthwhile experience to Scottish devolution to the vexed question of tuition fees.

Thanks to some nifty media work, we’ve been blessed with some cracking pieces from the media who attended the event (over 20 of them including MoS, HuffPo, Forbes, the Telegraph and a host of others) and from those who we were pitching and flogging to with the team back at the office.

So far, lovely stuff from CityAM, HuffPo, the Independent, New Statesman, Graduate Fog / Plotr and TechWeek with more to come from the nationals!