Spoiler Alert: #unexpectedtweet campaign is for first direct … but still worth watching

Sod knows that this is all about.

Actually, figured it out. And it’s a bit of a shame really. A couple of employees are teasing a handful of folk. But unfortunately they’ve mentioned in their timelines where they work. A swift Google of first direct and Unexpected Tweet throws up their new strapline – Unexpected Banking – and it all stacks up from there.

And I am a serious ad geek. What a pointless way of spending ten minutes of my life!

Anyway … it’s still worth watching …

The spot below aired across some select national TV slots with the simple endline #unexpectedtweet and featuring what sounded suspiciously like Beardyman to me.

It was at that point that Twitter lit up.

No one, but no one appears at this stage (9.00 am) to know what any of it’s about. Reading through the comments on YouTube, it looks like there might be a reveal as far off as next week. We shall see.

In the meantime, enjoy the #unexpectedtweet clip …