Working with truTV to rid the nation of a “haunting epidemic” for the launch of hit show, Paranormal Survivor

We had the somewhat strange job of getting to grips with the spirit world and taking on the supernatural with the launch of Paranormal Survivor on truTV in the  UK.

With over half of Brits fervently believing in ghosts, and one in ten claiming to have been molested by a malevolent spirit – we enlisting the help of celebrity exorcist Grant Colyer and recorded a series of videos offering expert hints and tips on how the effected can ghost-proof their homes.

Following a day of filming in one of the UK’s most haunted houses, complete with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Dream Catchers, white sage and crystals, we took the story to the media and landed cracking features across the nationals, regionals and onlines.

In addition to cracking pieces on the Daily Express, The Sun, as well as hits in around 30 regional papers. However, piece de resistance was the fact that the team secured an absolute corking full page feature in The Daily Star complete with a front page splash.

Incredible work from the team and an experience we certainly won’t forget in a hurry …