With three stories in a single week all landing coverage across the board, you could say that the team has been cleaning up with Keep Britain Tidy

It’s been a busy week for Keep Britain Tidy with three stories going out in quick succession, each getting more coverage than the last.

First up was Love Parks Week.

To launch the celebration of parks around the UK, we announced that a third of British children have never learnt to ride a bike and revealed the top 10 park skills that are most at risk of dying out.

The coverage came thick and fast with no fewer than six nationals covering the story, with the Daily Mail running the story on page three along with the Daily Mirror and The Sun in print.

Online hits came from Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian, Sky TV, along with a sweep of regional pieces.

Just four days later, we had another parks story.

This time it was announcing the Green Flag Award winners, spreading the good word to nine regions around the country.

This resulted in over 60 regional and online pieces of coverage (including an interview on BBC Manchester with our spokesperson) and the Independent covering the quirkiest winners.

And fast forward 48 hours, we announced Keep Britain Tidy’s new campaign to stamp out “Careful Littering”.

Our third story of the week generated a whopping 156 pieces of coverage, including print hits in Daily Telegraph and the i Paper, Daily Mail, ITV and a raft of regionals.

Over 240 pieces of coverage later, we’d say it’s been a good week!