With the hotly anticipated launch of PS5 this year, we wanted to ensure that our Sony TVs were front and centre for those thinking about what additional tech they needed to have that perfect gaming experience….

The PS5 launch news was the biggest gaming announcement of the year and we wanted to make sure the Sony BRAVIA XH90 was positioned as the ideal TV partner as it is one of the only tellies out there ‘Ready for PS5’.

With a strong media push, the team secured coverage in the likes of Daily Express, GamesRadar, Wired and Daily Star in print – ensuring the TV was top of the recommended things to have alongside the PS5 and the perfect telly accompaniment!

Alongside this, working as an extension of the brilliant Sony in-house PR team, we paired up with some big social media names to tell that story – working with influencers across lifestyle, tech and gaming – we created content and social buzz showcasing the XH90 in action.

With each influencer utterly excited about the launch, the content was authentically beautiful on YouTube, Instagram and more. It drove home our messaging about how the TV was ‘ready for PS5’, with the ultimate aim of getting their followers excited about the launch and creating their own ultimate gaming set-up.

From social posts through to content itself from the likes of the brilliant SuperSaf, Arrekz, Sean Elliot-O’Connor, Gadgetsboy and Rowan Row… Plus, one who shall remain a secret (OK he won’t… Jim Chapman!) went for the YouTube video title of “better than getting engaged”… he said it!

From a social perspective, over 27 pieces of social content including five YouTube videos were created; reaching over 1.5million and over 105,000 engagements across social platforms. Such a great result and one that certainly got people talking!