With everything that’s gone on in 2020, we’re all in need of a bit of feel-good nostalgia… cue the Airbnb team who announced that the world’s last BLOCKBUSTER® store is listed on the platform!

A lovely, heart-warming story that captured the attention of the nation despite taking place all the way over in the USA.

The Airbnb team announced that the manager of world’s last BLOCKBUSTER® store, Sandi Harding, is listing the establishment on Airbnb for local residents in Deschutes County, Oregon.

In appreciation for all that the local community has recently done to support the last-of-its-kind during these uncertain times, the end of summer sleepover will offer movie lovers the chance for a 90s-themed stay this cultural icon of days gone by.

Lovely stuff.

The team jumped on this news and sold in the story here in the UK, landing a phenomenal 87 pieces of coverage to date…and it’s still coming in. Key hits include national print coverage in Daily Mail, The Times as well as online on Metro, Independent, Mail Online, Mirror, Express, BBC, ES, HuffPost, NME, Tyla, Radio Times, MSN, House Beautiful, Lad Bible, Unilad… you get the idea.

Not bad for something Brits couldn’t actually get involved in themselves. Goes to show that true nostalgia is always a winner (plus having a brilliant team of stellar publicists always helps too).